Why should I add my documents?

A great benefit of The Food Corridor is the document tracking system. You can add expiration dates to any verification document and let The Food Corridor send you a  notification before the document expires.

Expiration notifications are sent to both the kitchen admin and the food business 45 days, 2 weeks, and 3 days before the document is set to expire, giving you plenty of time to renew and update.

Different categories of documents can be uploaded and stored on the platform.

My Documents

Verification documents

These documents are specific to your food business and deem you as “verified” by The Food Corridor:

  1. Food Handler/ServSafe Certificate
  2. Food business license
  3. Insurance

You and Crowded Cookhouse can upload and access these documents.

Private documents

Private documents are documents just for you to access and are not visible to Crowded Cookhouse. You can upload these to your account to help you keep everything accessible and in one place.

Listing documents

Listing documents are documents that you want to be publicly visible on your food business listing, for marketing purposes for your company.

To add or update a document…

  • Add: Documents tab > Add > Enter the expiration date > Save
  • Update: Documents tab > pencil icon (edit) to the right of the document > Enter the expiration date > Save