How to verify your bank account

  • Select Bank Account (ACH) as your payment method option
  • Enter your bank account and routing number at (
  • 2-3 days after you enter this, our payment processor will deposit two amounts under $1 in that account. This is to verify that this is your account.
  • Look for these amounts in your bank account. The statement description for these deposits will include “AMNTS:” and then the values of the two microdeposits that were sent.
  • Note these amounts, and go to ( and enter them. Enter the number of cents as a whole number.  For instance, if you had $0.08 and $0.75 deposited, enter 8 and 75 into the form. This verifies that you own the bank account.
  • After a day or two these amounts will be removed as one transaction. For example, you may have the amounts $0.08 and $0.75 deposited, but the amount removed will be $0.83 (the sum of the amounts deposited).
  • Payment processing proceeds as usual.

Things to double check:

  1. Did you choose the correct bank account type (business or personal)?
  2. Does the name on the bank account match, exactly, the name you added in the payment capture page?

Tip: while you’re waiting on the microdeposits, you can update your payment method to a credit card in the meantime. Once you receive the microdeposits, you can “update” your payment method back to ACH, re-fill out your ACH info and enter the 2 deposits to verify.